Nolte: ‘Murphy Brown’ Threatens Racist ICE Agents in Thanksgiving Episode


Murphy Brown threatened to “spatchcock” ICE agents in the CBS show’s Thanksgiving episode.

A very special episode of Murphy Brown involved the title character, played by Candace Bergen, sharing her Thanksgiving dinner with a family of illegal immigrants, parents of one of those perfectly-perfect DACA angels who are enrolled in law school.

Needless to say, ICE agents arrive to ruin the holiday, and because they are all racist, Newsbusters reports they assume an Indian-American from Ohio is also in the country illegally — because of course they do.

Those of you looking for proof American comedy is dying under the weight of ideological purity, where applause lines that hit the left-wing sweet spot are now preferable to actual wit and humor, need only read the ham-fisted transcript (courtesy of NewsBusters) of the relevant scene:

Murphy: You cannot barge in here like this. I know you’re used to dealing with people who are scared and vulnerable, but if you don’t get out of this truck, I will spatchcock you.

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