Joss Whedon: ICE Agents are ‘Trump’s SS,’ ‘Shame of Our Nation’


Hollywood writer-director Joss Whedon has called agents with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency “Trump’s SS,” an apparent reference to Nazi Germany.

In a post criticizing ICE for enforcing national immigration laws, Whedon, who wrote the screenplay for and directed The Avengers, called federal immigration officials the “shame of our nation.”

“ICE is trump’s SS. They are the shame of our nation (I know, there’s lots, I picked one),” Whedon wrote. “How do we stop them? How do we protect our people?”

Under Trump, ICE has increased the enforcement of immigration laws, as opposed to eight years of lax enforcement that came under former President Obama.

In Trump’s first year in office, more than 61,000 illegal aliens living in the interior of the country were deported, a 37 percent increase when compared to the year before under Obama, when less than 45,000 illegal aliens were deported from the interior of the U.S.

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